We have a well-defined mission

axélero has a well-defined mission: to be the go-to solution in Italy for digital marketing and advertising services for SME’s and professional services

We operate in a large and growing market

axélero operates within a promising marketplace.
The sector is in fact worth approx. Euro 1.7 – 2.2 billion*.
Market penetration is however still limited: out of 3.5 million small businesses and professional operations in Italy, less than 50% have an online presence. Even those with a website often do not effectively develop it as a tool to attract new customers.

*Sources: Istat 2012, Between 2013, Doxa/Google 2013, Adex 2014-15, AudiWeb 2015

We compete with an incumbent and 4,000 small web agencies

A second factor in our favor is the structure of the Italian market. Axélero in fact operates in a market comprising an “incumbent” on the one hand and 4,000 small local entities on the other.

We are assisted by the ubiquity of mobile devices

A third key factor for development over the coming 3-5 years is the exponential use of the internet, driven by the availability of mobile devices.

Growth strategy

axélero’s growth strategy centers upon three pillars:

Attracting to our team the best professional talent, managing growth and driving innovation.

Creating or integrating products and technologies with high performance features, creating value for the customer and boosting average revenue per contract.

Investing in expanding and improving the quality of the sales network, ensuring quick and effective market penetration.

Operating model

To maximize growth, axélero draws on three well-defined strengths:

axéleroLab is the group’s ideas factory. It is here that axélero carries out scouting, seeding and acceleration. M&A projects are conceived here.

axélero draws on the best available resources and technologies to create and offer highly effective products.

axélero has always had a strongly embedded regional presence: it can therefore exploit specific know-how of the local environment, supporting long-term customer contact and management.