Key share figures & performance

The axélero share has been listed on the AIM Italia market since December 11, 2014.

31.12.2015 31.12.2014
No. of shares issued 13,600,000 13,600,000
Price (€) 4.87 5.52
Market capitalization (€ millions) 66.23 75.07

Axélero share codes

ISIN IT0005069809
Symbol AXEL

Specialist: Banca Akros
Nomad: Banca Finnat Euramerica S.p.A.


On the initial share trading date on the AIM Italia, axélero S.p.A.’s share capital consisted of 13,600,000 dematerialized shares, of which:

  • Supernovae1 S.p.A. holds N. 8,419,356 shares, equal to 61.91% of the share capital of axélero S.p.A. Supernovae1 S.p.A. is by Leonardo Cucchiarini, 47.5%, Stefano Maria Cereseto, 47.5% and Beltempo S.r.l., 5%.;
  • AIM Italia market, holding 4,566,750 shares, equal to 33,58% of the share capital;
  • Leonardo Cucchiarini, holding 306,947 shares, equal to 2,26% of the share capital;
  • Stefano Maria Cereseto, holding 306,947 shares, equal to 2,26% of the share capital.

axélero S.p.A. has only issued ordinary shares and no other shares of any other type or which confer voting rights exist.

Disclosure obligations for Significant Shareholders:

In accordance with the AIM Italia Regulation, holders of at least 5% of a category of axélero S.p.A. financial instruments are deemed “Significant Shareholders”.
The reaching of the 5% threshold and the reaching or passing of the 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50%, 66.6%, 75%, 90% and 95% thresholds, in addition to the reduction below these thresholds, constitutes a “Substantial Change”, which must be communicated by the Significant Shareholders of axélero S.p.A.
Therefore, within 5 trading days from the day on which the operation which caused the Substantial Change was carried out, the Significant Shareholder must communicate to axélero S.p.A.:

  • the identity of the Significant Shareholders involved;
  • the date on which axélero S.p.A. was informed;
  • the date on which the Substantial Change of holding took place;
  • the price, the amount and the category of financial instruments;
  • the type of operation;
  • the nature and size of the holding of the Significant Shareholder in the operation.

The communication must be made using the form downloadable from the link below, sent via email to and subsequently sent in original form by registered mail to: axélero S.p.A.

Source: Company
Update of 17.06.2016

Supernovae1 S.r.l. is held equally by the founders Leonardo Cucchiarini and Stefano Maria Cereseto. The lock-up option for the first 12 months from the start of trading on AIM Italy Market has expired, however, no stock sales have been made by the major shareholders.


Broker Analyst Rating Target price Latest update
Mediobanca Fabio Pavan Outperform Euro 6,7 17.06.2016
CFO SIM Luca Arena BUY 6,25 16.03.2016