October 2017


  • mysuite unveiled: the personalized all-in-one platform dedicated to SME and aimed to help entrepreneurs manage their digital presence and the relationship with customers.
  • Ristoranti.it launched as a sales test. It brought more than 1 billion euro business in less than 3 months. ristoranti.it is a winning solution for restaurant owners who in fact had high increases and multipliers up to 50x for top performers in the very first months of launch
  • axélero Next creates axél, the quantum-inspired AI integrated platform that accelerates medium-size and large-sized companies as well as Public Administration.
  • Launch of Academy, a digital training project organized for three different targets: Business for SME, Young for young digital talents, and Corporate for axélero’s team.
  • axélero signs a strategic partnership with leading inbound marketing software company Hubspot, with International Accelerator, an accelerator focusing solely on non-US startups, and with Zendesk, a global customer service software company.
  • Top management fully on board, especially finance team, credit management and management audit. Sales department reinforced as well.

October 2016


  • At 2016 December 31 the consolidated net income amounts to 46 milion euro
  • Development of axélero Next, the business unit focused on highly innovative tech solutions
  • Launch of Ristoranti.it, the cutting-edge catering platform for restaurants
  • axélero becomes Google Premier Partner
  • “I Maghi del…”, the new video solution for digital marketing is unveiled
  • Agreement with PromoQui, SMI targeted offer is defined

November 2015


  • Full spectrum management team in place comprising the best of Italian digital and non-digital talent
  • Strong commercial network development: we can be found in every corner of Italy
  • More than 4,000 hours of specialist training and coaching provided
  • Telemarketing expanded to 25 hubs
  • More digital talent brought on board
  • 9 new products developed and launched
  • Partnership signed with Google for AdWords and Google Business View, agreement with TourMake
  • International technological platforms integrated: MatchCraft, Mono Solutions
  • We move into the new Milan headquarters: Melchiorre Gioia 8
  • axéleroLab is created and begins work on the innovations of tomorrow

November 2014


  • We scale up our ambitions and the dream comes to life: we list on the stock market
  • Long-term objectives and product strategies redefined
  • We develop and test a new business model
  • MedioBanca selected as Global Coordinator and Popolare di Vicenza as Nomad
  • Group reorganized ahead of stock market listing
  • Highly-qualified Board of Directors appointed
  • December 11, 2014: we list on the AIM Italia
  • Plans made for 2015 and beyond

November 2010


  • Commercial networks developed
  • Major publishing and commercial partnerships agreed
    • Sole24Ore
    • Panorama
    • Donna Moderna
    • Edoardo Raspelli
    • Sergio Luciano
    • Alessia Marcuzzi
  • Via Stradivari headquarters doubled in size
  • Production technology development begins
  • Our CFO joins

November 2009


Our first commercial manager joins the team

November 2008

November 2004

2004 – 2008

Press projects begin to convert to digital

We move to Via Stradivari

November 2003


Activity begins in a basement in via Burlamacchi in Milan

November 1980


Leonardo and Stefano, our two founders, meet as kids