The next generation of websites. The best integrated solution for your online presence. Webx is based on a revolutionary web environment developed on the most innovative technologies. A web responsive site, an exclusive Augmented Reality service, a graphics lay-out gallery for personalization always in step with web development and a social network integration service. Webx is a “turnkey” solution to grow your business.

Professional web presence

The ideal solution for businesses and professionals seeking a professional online presence, boosting the profile of your business locally and nationally. An intuitive website, with easy navigation on any device. We offer the best digital solutions available for Italian businesses and assist them in reaching the most customers possible both locally and nationally. WebX: professional web assistance, an app for easy and ongoing updates to website content, the best positioning on search engines and much more besides.

Augmented reality

Innovative solution for commercial, professional or industrial operations seeking to engage and captivate users through virtual and realistic navigation of your place of business. webX can raise the profile of websites with a virtual tour of the business or commercial operation. A realistic tour enriched with interactive hot-spots enabling users to “explore” step-by-step information, photos, videos and to purchase online, interacting directly with real elements of the virtual tour.

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